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GP App: A new frontier in digital experiences

In September 2023, we took a bold step forward with the launch of the GP App. 

With GP App, we invite you to explore the world in a whole new way, it’s your gateway to Ghent Photography’s captivating world. With GP App, you can explore Ghent in a whole new way, right from your device.

Key features

1. Portfolio

Discover an awe-inspiring collection of photos taken by Ghent Photography. Each photo is accompanied by in-depth information that brings the city’s rich history and culture to life.

2. The Vault

Unlock an exclusive experience in our app as we proudly present unreleased and app-exclusive photos in “The Vault.” These hidden gems will take your exploration to a whole new level.

3. Dark Mode & Light Mode

Personalize your viewing experience with the option to switch between Dark Mode and Light Mode. Enjoy seamless browsing, day or night.